Inspiring managers for the business challenges they face


S4K Research Associate Partner is John O'Brien of IRM Strategies, Hong Kong

IRM Strategies is an Associate Partner of S4K Researchbased in Hong Kong and representing S4K in the region.


S4K's proprietary methodology maps your organisations’ key business challenges to link them with business cases and management articles, handpicked from more than 40 top sources across the world. These sources are comprised of prestigious business schools, leading consultancies, thought leaders and business innovators. It's relevant reading, short, practical, and relevant to the business challenges confirmed as topics for performance gains across the organization.


Currently more than 14,000 managers from large, multinational companies are using the S4K Management Update to build business capacity in business English.


S4K’s unique offering makes the difference in three distinctive ways: addressing scale, relevance and costs.


Firstly, top quality content reaches a broader audience.
The content, delivered right to the desktop, comes from sources that are usually reserved only for senior management. Now, this valuable material can be directly targeted to building broader workforce capacity. Where you start with 1000 recipients or move to increase distribution to 5000 or more, the content is delivered seamlessly, branded to suit your talent development or knowledge portal. 


Secondly, inspiration comes from relevance.
The handpicked business cases and articles are written to build competencies and understanding in topic areas that cover your confirmed business challenges. The content is relevant to real, practical needs and can be matched performance objectives for managers and key potentials. This gives top management opportunity to inspire, focus and prepare its managers for the business challenges they face. An additional resource library enables even access to quality content. 


Thirdly, saving time means saving money.
The survey of business challenges confirms the topic areas of greatest relevance--and value. Search time is reduced and enterprise-wide distribution ensures cost effective access. Short, practical business-English content supports good learning habits that build skills and expertise.   In short, the solution saves managers time previously lost in finding and sifting through available research—and provides access to sources many managers would not usually get.


S4K's operations are carried out from offices in Sweden, Denmark and Latvia. We are introducing the S4K Management Update and Library through Associate Parnters in the UK, the Benelux, Hong Kong, Japan, and Denmark.


For more information on availability in Hong Kong and elsewhere,
please contact IRM Strategies’ John James O’Brien, or visit

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