The foundation work of Alan S. Zaben in compiling the original RECORDS AND INFORMATION MANAGEMENT RESOURCE LIST has been a landmark resource for the RIM profession. A project has been established in honour of this achievement to ensure that the list continues to serve as a valuable resource for RIM practitioners world-wide.

Many links are out of date. As time permits, we are working to verify the currency of the original entries and expand the list to include an international focus that is relevant to practitioners while raising awareness of the fundamental value of RIM in general.

Those of us who remember the days when records management was a largely unrecognized speciality know the historical significance of Zaben list. If you agree with us that the list should be maintained and enhanced, please help.

IRM Strategies will guide this activity as a project of the Asia Pacific Institute of Records and Information Management, a non-profit body now being established to provide a focus for RIM development in the Asia Pacific region with the welcome collaboration international associations.
Funding is critical to this project.
Every donation is important.
All donations made through this
page support this project.

Meanwhile, thanks for your patience and assistance in identifying any broken links.


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